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A Century of Tradition

Patrick Hughes


Apparently in 1977, the shortest term for a president was noted. On 15 February 1977, K Oliver was

elected President, only to tender his resignation on 1 March due to his unexpected departure for

the UK within the next day or so!

Pat was born in Glasgow on 10 June, but since he hasn`t answered any letters, we don`t know the

year. He came to Brazil to work for Price Waterhouse in 1971. He subsequently went to work for

Copebras and then to Acrow Armasil.

He became President of Sao Paulo Athletic Club (SPAC), was a keen footballer and nicknamed

Hatrick Hughes due to his efforts in the 1978 soccer match against the Danes. There has been a

resounding plea from the football team for their football strip back. It seems it got packed in with

the removals!

Patrick was Vice President in 1976 and 1977 marked the 20th year that W Steel had served on the

Committee. Also Ray Krinker was awarded the OBE for efforts on behalf of Anglo-Brazilian


The St Paul`s School competition was “Something Scottish using a Thread Spool”. There were 91

entries ranging from castles, oil rigs, bagpipes, sheep trials, golf courses, Forth Bridges, racing cars,

Loch Ness monsters and a weird creation known as McHaggis!

The “Made in Brazil” haggis was served at Ladies Night at the Mansão Franca in September but

there was no whisky on the menu. As the previous President, Charlie Dow, had noted a large

increase in the stocks, everyone assumed it was being saved up for the Banquet.

Pat played the accordion and there was one memorable Burns Supper when he was accompanied

by his wife, Margaret, who gave a very competent and remarkable rendering of “My love is like a

red, red rose”. They have three children, Martin, Claire and Douglas

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