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A Century of Tradition

Barry M. Wolfe


Barry hails from Glasgow where he was born in July 1955. He crossed the great divide to study criminal law at Edinburgh University where he graduated first class honours, moving to Yale Law School for a Fellowship. Not content with the law of 2 countries, he decided to try out another foreign land and went to Cambridge, graduating with a master’s in international law in 1982.

After working in international law in London, he moved to São Paulo in 1986, joining Advogados Aldo Raia as an international consultant. From 1996 to 1998 he was a partner with Zaclis Advogados moving to Control Risks Group as a senior consultant.

When Robert Coghlan moved on unexpectedly, Barry agreed to take on the chair at short notice, on the condition that meetings would be informal, with no minutes, and a small team involved. He set up the Honorary Council of Scottish Gentlemen (Barry – do you have the list of names?) who had agreed to assist with specific tasks such as obtaining prizes for the picnic.

The St Andrew’s Ball was held at the National Club to commemorate St Andrew`s Day when the guests waltzed, jived, tangoed and sambaed to the strains of Simon “MacLavie’s” band. The annual Banquet was discontinued.

At the Quaich golf match at Itú, Barry did his best to put off the more serious golfers by driving through the golf course in an open-roofed sports car wearing what can only be described as an Auntie Beanie sun hat. He didn’t receive the prize for the best hat though! In 1991 Alastair Macfarlane won the Quaich, and in 1992, it was won by Adrian Mackenzie for the 3rd time.

Barry lives in São Paulo and is a specialist in organized crime profiling and in the prevention and tracking of medicines counterfeiting. He is also a specialist in money laundering, has developed a crisis management system and techniques, and has been published in the Economist Intelligence Unit.

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