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A Century of Tradition

The St. Andrew Society Pipes & Drums

The St. Andrew Society Pipes & Drums – or simply SASPD – founded in March 2009 by friends who wanted to play Scottish and martial music, with fun, transparency and camaraderie. Though not directly affiliated with the St Andrew Society having its own statutes and directors it is the the go-to band for all St Andrew Society events.


It has an extremely solid base, with pipers, drummers and dancers who have experience and have participated in International Championships in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and in the World’s Pipe Band Championship in Scotland.


"Increasingly the Brazilian public is appreciating this art, which our ancestors left us as a legacy more and more. This interest is generated also by curiosity, creating a powerful link that helps spread our work and attract new talent" 


Colin Pritchard,


Colin Prichard, a Scot is the Drum Major of the band. He is referring to, not just the performances of the Band, but the offer of Music lessons and Highland & Country dancing lessons to all those interested in learning a bit more about this art.


Come meet us to learn how a Pipeband  works and lives in the sunny land of samba and soccer.

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