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A Century of Tradition

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The "Wallis" Historical Photo Gallery

The historical gallery of the St. Andrew Society unfolds as a rich tapestry of tradition, culture, and community spanning over a century, from its beginnings in 1900 to the vibrant present.

Founded in 1924 by a visionary group of 19 Scots, the society stands as a testament to enduring values and an unwavering commitment to preserving and celebrating Scottish heritage.

From the inaugural annual Banquet held in 1924 at the Terminus Hotel under the stewardship of the first President, Thomas Ballantine Muir, to the centennial 100-Year Celebration scheduled for 2024, the St Andrew Society of São Paulo has traversed an illustrious path.

The Society renamed this page the "Wallis Gallery" in 2023 in memory of Mrs Eileen Wallis who collected curated and scanned the pictures covering the first 80 years of the St Andrew Society preserving a time of real change for the society and also São Paulo.

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