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A Century of Tradition

Benjamin Gordon Anderson 


The twenty-second President, better known as "BG" or "Bank" Anderson to distinguish him from others of that ilk, such as "DC", Jimmy and Piper, was born in Perthshire in 1906 and came to Brazil in 1928 from the Imperial Bank of Persia to work in BOLSA's (now Lloyds Bank) São Paulo branch. He went to Vitoria shortly after, returning here in 1934 and joined the Society in the following year. This was not a long stay - it seems that "BG" was always on the move and he served in Belém and Manaus and then Rio before coming back to São Paulo for a longer spell in 1944 and rising to Accountant of the branch in 1946, and Sub-Manager some three years later. This was when he became active in our affairs and a keener Scot never served on our Committees. He became Secretary of the newly constituted Society after the War and continued in this post until 1951 when elected Vice-President. The following year, in which he assumed the Presidency, was one in which all the Society's traditional activities were characterised by great success. He transferred to Rio again in 1952 and although he came back to São Paulo for a short period in 1954, he left Brazil in 1955 and was in the London Head Office’s service, on inspection chiefly, until his retirement in 1962. " BG" died ten years later and is perhaps best remembered among the old-timers by the outstanding work he did organising the sending of food parcels to the Auld Folks at home after the Society recommenced its activities in 1946.

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