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A Century of Tradition

Colin Pritchard


Born on September 4, 1940, in Niteroi, RJ, Brazil, Colin's family history is a fascinating blend of cultures and backgrounds.

His father, Herbert Ronald Pritchard, was an engineer with the renowned Babcock and Wilcox of Renfrew in Scotland, a major engineering company specializing in the production of various types of boilers. Colin's mother, Alexandrina Pritchard, was an actress in a repertory company during the early 1930s. It was in Glasgow where his parents crossed paths and embarked on their journey together. Notably, Colin's maternal grandfather, a Sergeant Piper in the Black Watch, added a distinctive military and Scottish element to his family heritage, although regrettably, Colin never had the chance to meet his grandparents.

Colin's family connection to Brazil has deep historical roots. His father had been sent to Brazil in the late 1930s to install boilers for the growing shipping and sugar industries, and due to the outbreak of World War II, the family found themselves stranded in Brazil during the war while the rest of their family served in the UK war effort.

Colin's educational journey commenced with day school, followed by boarding school in the Isle of Wight and then Edinburgh. He eventually attended Fettes College in Edinburgh, where he was accepted to study at Christ's College, Cambridge, an opportunity he couldn't pursue due to financial constraints caused by his father's early retirement from Babcock.

His father's side of the family brought a mix of Welsh and Irish heritage into the equation, with his grandfather serving as a Sergeant in the Royal Marines during the Battle of Jutland. This Irish and Welsh influence subtly shaped Colin's identity, but his heart remained firmly attached to Scotland, with his mother's influence being especially significant.

In 1959, Colin embarked on a successful career in banking, joining the Bank of London and South America Ltd as a trainee. Over the years, he worked in London, Portugal, and Brazil, attaining a degree in Economics and completing his banking exams. Colin spent 31 years with the Lloyds Bank Group, starting as an Account Manager and progressing to roles such as Branch Manager and International Accounts Manager. A particularly challenging period was his nearly four-year tenure in Manaus during the late 1980s when Brazil was in a state of moratorium, and the Free Zone of Manaus required import finance, putting significant pressure on foreign banks.

After leaving Lloyds Bank Plc, Colin ventured into Banco Fenicia S.A., the in-house bank of Grupo Fenicia, which then owned Shops Arapuã. Serving as a Regional Director from 1990 to 1993, he later transitioned into teaching English in Alphaville, where he has maintained a residence.

Colin's community engagement has been significant. He became a member of the St. Andrew Society in 1976 and has remained actively involved, with stints as the Society's Treasurer from 1979 to 1986, followed by the honor of serving as President in 2001 and 2002. His commitment extends to various activities within the St. Andrew Society, including organizing whisky tastings for Diageo, playing in the Pipe Band as D/M, and teaching Scottish Country Dancing at the Brazilian British Center.

In 1996, Colin was invited by "United Distillers Plc" to become one of their Brand Ambassadors in Brazil. This role involves conducting Johnnie Walker Whisky tastings in Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. The company later changed its name to "DIAGEO PLC," the world's leading premium drinks company, known for renowned brands like Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Buchanan's, and Guinness. Colin continues his role as one of DIAGEO's Brand Ambassadors.

Since 2001, Colin has been actively involved with Pipe Bands, beginning with SLPB (Scottish Link PB) and currently with SASPD (St. Andrew Society of São Paulo Pipes and Drums).

Colin's personal life is marked by his enduring marriage to Dagmar de Souza Lima Pritchard, spanning over 29 years. Together, they share a blended family, with two children from Colin's first marriage and a daughter from his second marriage. This union has blessed them with the joy of three granddaughters and one grandson, further enriching Colin's family legacy.

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