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A Century of Tradition

David Green


David was born in Falkirk, Stirlingshire in 1959. After George Heriots School, he went on to study Business Studies and Finance at Heriot Watt University, also in Edinburgh.

On graduating, he joined Thomson McLintock as an accountancy apprentice and became a member of the Institute of Chartered Accounts Scotland in 1983. He remained with McClintocks for 4 more years during which time he married Wendy Brown (lots of jokes about colourful weddings). He then joined British American Tobacco with the promise of overseas travel. His first posting was to Costa Rica. The few Scots did not make for a society but there was one gathering of all 5 Scots in Costa Rica during the 1990 World Cup, an invitation by the President of the country. The main intent of the Scots was to enjoy witnessing the humbling of the lesser footballing nation. Scotland`s defeat that day ranks amongst the greatest Scottish sporting disappointments competing with losses to Iran and Peru in the same tournament! After the game the Costa Rican nation took to the streets and the President declared a national holiday!

After 2 years, David was posted to Brazil, but seven grim months working in Brás, with no contact with the St Andrews Society, saw the Green family go back to Central America to join Tootal. Coats acquired Tootal and David returned to São Paulo in time for the St Andrews Night at SPAC. From the grand march to Auld Lang Syne it was a memorably warm and sociable evening, putting a totally different light on Brazil!

Jim McLean, the then President was David`s boss, so there was no getting out of being Vice President. As Brazil`s economy plunged into a deep recession, Jim and other Coats expats left the country. At a lunch before Jim left, Alastair Macfarlane gave David some straight talk about “Country and Duty” and David was nominated President!

There followed a thoroughly enjoyable period working together with dedicated and tireless Adrian and Debbie Mackenzie. The return of monthly ceilidhs at Andy Beeby`s La Roseh grew in popularity to fill the restaurant. Country dancing lessons were started, in preparation for the Caledonian Ball, which returned to the spectacular Mansão França. Graham Wallis won the Quaich at Itú and his wife the Mackenzie Trophy – was this a fiddle? Another highlight was the Munro Cup. The friendly family aspect of this inter country sports competition was quickly relegated to second place and a highly competitive event ensued, fuelled by national pride. Referees were called to arbitrate several healthy differences of opinion in the tennis and trivial pursuit games, but when the destination of the cup rested purely on the tug o` war, it looked as if the US Marines, normally employed guarding the Consulate, were the safer bet. Somehow, the Scots became cannier than usual and overcame the opposition, securing the Cup. Was Andy Beeby the deciding pivot? everyone asked.

David and Wendy went back to London in October 1994, enjoying one last Ceilidh at La Roseh, where David wrote his first cheque for over a million in any currency!

David and Wendy have 2 sons, Sean born in Scotland and Bruce born in Costa Rica.

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