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A Century of Tradition

Douglas Wilson


Another Paisley "buddie", with the Coats organisation, Douglas Wilson came to Brazil in 1966, having previously worked with Linhas in the Far East and Portugal, he was co-opted on to the 1957 Committee and, one way and another, has served on each succeeding Committee until this day. This surely demonstrates the interest Douglas has for Society affairs. He was President in 1969 and Hon. Secretary in 1974/75, both of which offices he tackled with enthusiasm and dedication. Married to Renee (who is equally keenly interested in all Society activities and who now teaches Scottish country dancing to the Children at St Paul's School), Douglas's two children, Beth and Stuart are at school in Scotland.

Interested in all types of sports, Douglas played for the Society football team in 1974 and 1975, before taking to refereeing as a less strenuous, if no less dangerous, way of Involvement, An occasional golfer and bowler, Douglas has also performed in the "Haggis Alley Glee Club", both at several Annual Banquets of the Society and also in the 1974 ceilidh.

He is well-known as Master of Ceremonies at recent Annual Banquets. During his year of Presidential office, various innovations were decided upon and most of them are still in practice to this day. Amongst such items were the decision to invite widows of late members to the Ladies Night of the Society, to "streamline" the Banquet toast list and to serve whisky at the pre-Banquet socialising instead of the traditional, but to the unwary, lethal "whisky sours",

The adjectives used by an old acquaintance to describe Douglas's outstanding qualities as a Committeeman and a worker at whatever he takes up are "indefatigable" and "unflappable".

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