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A Century of Tradition

Douglas Woods


Born in Glasgow, Douglas Woods, who came to Sao Paulo in 1967, was at first a reluctant member of what could be an old-fashioned, unnecessary organisation. Consequently, he had to be pressured to agree to join the Committee of the Society as Treasurer in the year 1970, whereupon he became one of the most active and enthusiastic of Committee men, counting amongst the more successful and immediate changes sponsored by him, the alteration of the venue of the Society Ladles’ Night from the, then, traditional locale, São Paulo Athletic Club, to more convivial and sophisticated surroundings. Douglas Woods was Vice-President of the Society in 1971 and 1972 and became our forty-third President in 1973 during which year of office, not only did the Society consolidate its reputation for efficient organisation of enjoyable events, but also Douglas, himself, displayed his ability to keep a sense of proportion between innovations and tradition. An accountant by profession, Douglas is married to Mary and has three children, Colin, Ian and Siobhan, all of whom were born in Brazil. Interested In all types of sports, Douglas excelled at football, playing a large part in encouraging the formation of the Society team which started participating in friendly matches in 1974. In 1974 Douglas also represented the Society in the 1st Brain of Sao Paulo competition sponsored by the Round Table.

Promoted to partner of his firm and transferred to Rio de Janeiro, late in 1974, Douglas remains a member of the Society for which he has done a great deal. He was elected to the Committee of the St Andrew Society of Rio de Janeiro in 1975.

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