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A Century of Tradition

Frederick James Pirie


Born In 1874. he served an apprenticeship at Woolwich Arsenal and went to sea on Mediterranean and Oriental runs. Married in 1899, he suffered a serious accident and on a sea trip to South Africa to recuperate, arrived in Buenos Aires where he was offered a post in the Southern Railway. During the many years he stayed in the Argentine he was an active member of the St Andrew's Society of the River Plate and he moved to São Paulo in 1912 and started a firm installing imported lifts. This concern grew with the city and is now Indústrias Villares S.A. which manufactures the "Atlas” elevators. Always a keen reader, his favourite sports were billiards and golf. He became Vice-President of the Society in 1925 and served as President in 1926, taking the post over again the following year. He remained an active supporter of all the Society's activities until his death in 1953 and he and his son, a member today, were always to be seen together enjoying the fun at the post-war Banquets.

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