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A Century of Tradition

Gordon Leslie


Gordon was born on Halloween in 1946 in Aberdeen. He spent the first few years of his life on the farm near Tarland. His father was in the army, and moved the family to Malvern, before being posted to Korea where he sadly lost his life, when Gordon was six. His mother remarried another Gordon from their hometown and as he worked for Ford, they moved to Essex, and their house hosted many nights of Scottish dancing. Every summer was spent in Aberdeenshire, making the perilous drive round the Devil’s Elbow on an annual basis. Gordon played football and cricket at school, and tennis at Junior Wimbledon. He turned down a place at University to join Royal Insurance, he says, because they had an excellent football team and grass tennis courts.

After London, he lived in Spain, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands where he met his wife, Sally. His job moved them to Virginia, North Carolina then as President to Uruguay to develop Latin America. The merger with Sun Alliance meant a move to Brazil (6 moves in 6 months) and Sao Paulo, where contact with Bruce Healey and a few whiskies, resulted in becoming Vice President of the St Andrews Society. When Bruce transferred, he became President and appreciated the hard and willing work of his committee, expanding the Society into more of the expat community, particularly the Americans with Sally helping. Events were successful despite economic downturns and management of the Society became a big job, especially handling Graham’s database!

Gordon and Sally live in the USA and have 3 sons, Craig, Cameron and Porter

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