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A Century of Tradition

Hugh McManus


Our President in 1970, Hugh served on the Committee in 1968 and was made Vice-President the next year.

Glasgow born, Hugh McManus is surely the Society's best p.r.o. man frequently stating in public his faith in the organisation and administrative ability of successive Committees over the years.

The reasons behind this faith must almost certainly stem from the fact that, as President, his own year of office was one of the Society's more successful, socially, financially and in all other respects.

Always an exponent of active participation by members in Society functions, Hugh went to great lengths during his service on the Committee to highlight the, then, low proportion of Society members supporting our functions. Such was his persistence in this respect, that from 1970 onwards the proportion of Society members to non-members attending Society functions has improved most favourably. Hugh broke with tradition when in his Presidential year he changed the Ladies' Night venue from SPAC to more sophisticated surroundings, thus converting this event Into the elegant social affair which it has remained ever since and, as such, so closely in line with the intentions of the originators of this so much looked-forward-to social occasion.

A bachelor, Hugh is an expert raconteur and known to be fond of gracious living. He is an accountant by profession, having for several years been a partner in his firm.

His main interests apart from his profession, are travel and sport (he has played for the Society football team) while he has also demonstrated his academic qualities by representing the Society in the 1975 Brains of Sao Paulo competition sponsored by Round Table,

He served for a time on the Sub-Committee preparing a history of the Society, before transferring to Rio in 1976. He remains a member of the Society.

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