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A Century of Tradition

J B Lyon


Another Aberdonian President, Mr. Lyon came to Brazil prior to 1914 to work for Byington & Cia, as Secretary. He later joined the Sao Paulo Gas Company where he remained until his retirement in 1951. He served on the Committee in 1932 and 1933 and despite the fact that he was of a quiet and reserved nature and was not in any sense an "office seeker", he was persuaded to take over the Presidency in 1936 by virtue of his close friendship with Past Presidents Ford and Dawson at a time when there was a dearth of candidates for the post. In accordance with tradition he continued to serve on the Committee in an ex-oficio capacity for another year but thereafter gave up all active work for the Society although continuing to give his support to our different activities. Mr Lyon is remembered as a man enjoying a quiet life with his friends and in the company of his wife who was well known to the young ladies of the Colony to whom she taught shorthand.

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