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A Century of Tradition

John S F Moore


Another Dundonian, who spent several happy years in Brazil, John Moore was as keen a society member as could be found, serving on Committees in 1963, 1964 and 1970 as well as being Vice-President in 1966, President in 1967 and serving ex-oficio the following year.

No one took the objects of the Society more seriously than John, especially those referring to the promotion of interest in things Scottish, whether cultural, social or educational.

A fine Scottish country and Highland dancer, he not only taught these arts on a regular basis, but also was extremely active in organising teams of dancers to appear at various places throughout the State of São Paulo and, in this connection, his displays, solo and team, were outstandingly popular at Ladies Night over a number of years.

John's love of the Society and Scottish dancing led him to arrange two original dances for solo performance. The first "Lassies Delight” honoured the ladies attending our Ladies Night, while the other “Manwell’s FarewelI" was a tribute to past-president Jack Manwell on his departure from Brazil in 1968.

Amongst John's other interests in São Paulo were scouting (he was Scoutmaster of the St Paul’s School troop) and amateur athletics (He was the AAA representative in São Paulo and, consequently, host to several British runners competing in the São Silvestre race).

John Moore, an electrical engineer first came to Brazil with Juta before going to work for the Plessey Company. Always a popular figure amongst Scots and non-Scots in São Paulo, John who was a bachelor during his years in Brazil, was sadly missed by his many friends when he departed from Brazil in August 1970. Since then, he has married and when last heard of was living in the north of England.

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