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A Century of Tradition

Robert Coghlan


Born in Aberdeenshire in 1942, Robert was educated in Glasgow, leaving before taking his `A` Levels. However, he showed a flair for languages and joined the Civil Service in the Passport Office, soon transferring to the Foreign Office. He served around the world and in São Paulo before his third posting to Tokyo, where he became Press Attaché, accompanying the Princess of Wales (Princess Anne, now the Princess Royal) when she visited Japan in 1993

He was President of the Society for a short time due to his transfer to Tokyo. At the Munro Cup event, the Scots and Americans were neck and neck when the Trivial Pursuit teams had to battle it out to decide the winner. It was a breath-taking moment and looked as if a draw would be inevitable, when the final question was read out to the Scots. Would you believe it? The question was, “What is the capital of Brazil”! The Scots won, but with a touch of embarrassment!

After Japan, where he became First Secretary at the Embassy, he was posted to Madrid, but as his luggage passed through the UK, it was seized, and Robert was convicted of smuggling illegal videos. He spent some years on the other side of the fence.

Robert is divorced with 2 sons. He is an excellent country dancer and cut a fine figure in his kilt on Ladies Night.

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