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A Century of Tradition

Robert McLean


In the year 1962 Robert McLean achieved two "firsts”. After having served as the Society's man in Santos in 1957, as Secretary in 1959 and 1960, and as Vice-President in 1961, he in that year not only was the first son of a past President to follow in his father's footsteps and succeed in reaching the top position in the Society's hierarchy but he was also the first native-born "paulistano" to assume the Society’s Presidency. He continued serving on the Committee in an ex-oficio capacity in 1963.

Born in São Paulo on 9th June 1916 he had his primary schooling at St Paul's School and later went to his father's hometown of Paisley, to complete his education at the local grammar school. On his return to Brazil, he worked with the Royal Bank of Canada in São Paulo, Rio, Santos and, lastly, in Recife until his untimely death in 1966.

During the second World War, Robert volunteered for service and was sent to Africa late in 1940 where, after a period of training, he joined the Pay Corps. Not surprisingly, like his famous father, he was a talented footballer and played for many years for Britannia which later became the football section of SPAC. In his later years he turned his hand to bowls and, once again emulating his father, played in inter-state matches on many occasions. Robert is survived by his widow Barbara (née Binns) who lives in Scotland, as do his son and daughter, both married.

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