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A Century of Tradition

Russell Pender


Russ was born in Ardrie, Scotland in 1955 and educated at Hamilton Academy before completing a Mechanical Engineering degree at Strathclyde University, Glasgow. He and his wife, Dianne, two children Fiona and Fraser, arrived in Brazil in 1999 after living several years in France and Mexico. Working for the Timken Company, a global bearing manufacturer, gave the Penders the opportunity to experience “ex-pat” life for 10 years before arriving in Sao Paulo.

France to Mexico was the first taste of the Latin World and the first involvement with the St Andrew Society in Mexico City. As usual, the society events were major attractions and a great “social and cultural experience”. It was great to discover the existence of an equally lively St Andrew Society in Sao Paulo.

Through a friendship with the Leslie family, Russ joined the Society when he arrived in Brazil and elected to the committee and then Vice President.

Both Russ and Dianne are golfers and enjoyed tremendously the golfing events of the Society, Dianne being more successful than her husband!

Russ became President in the Centennial year 2000 and with help from a very active committee had a successful year generating record income for charitable donations. In addition, the Caledonian Ball broke previous record attendance with more than 400 revellers which was a major challenge for our seasoned MC Colin Pritchard!

The year 2000 saw some further improvements in sponsorship promotions and an increase in the under 30’s participating in events, many from international schools.

Russ’s employer, Timken Company regularly supported events through sponsorship and promotional activities. Also, they sponsored one of the Scottish Link Pipers to play at company events, promoting Scottish culture and Raquel, Russ’s secretary provided great organizational support during his year as President.

“A fantastic Society with wonderful people

who really know how to let their hair down”

Russ Pender

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