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A Century of Tradition

William George Young


Our forty-first President, Bill went into the biscuit business as a trainee when he left Hutcheson's Grammar School in Glasgow, his native city. Bill first came to Brazil with his family in 1949 and worked with the Rio Flour Mill's subsidiary which manufactured "Aymore” biscuits at a time when both concerns were under British ownership and management. He stayed here for three years and identified himself closely with SPAC, where he became a keen bowler, and with the Society's activities, during which time his son and daughter attended St Paul's School. He left Brazil in 1952 to take up a post with a well-known manufacturer of biscuits in the Land o'Cakes and after a number of years and steady promotion, became associated with one of the leading British manufacturers of advanced and sophisticated equipment for the production of his speciality, and visited several countries for prolonged periods installing and attending to the proper functioning of plants produced by his principals.

In due course his work brought Bill back to São Paulo, accompanied by his sister Mrs Jessie Murray, and in 1970 he was elected to the Committee and became President the following year. A valued annual contribution from him were the bannocks which he baked specially for the Banquet. His vocal and musical talents were in great demand and he regularly did his best to help Scotland to victory on the bowling green.

The now traditional President's party at the end-of his term of office for his Committee and outstanding helpers and supporters was started by Bill and he collaborated and participated actively in the first organised ceilidh which followed the Banquet.

Bill left São Paulo in 1973 to do a job in Belo Horizonte which he was forced to give up temporarily on account of ill health. He returned to Scotland but after a short recuperation was with us again and able to take his place behind his Past President's pennant at the Jubilee Banquet.

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