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A Century of Tradition

William Wright Wood


A Dundonian, born in 1920, Bill was that “rara avis” only the second President of the Society to be a bachelor! He came to Brazil at the end of 1951 as factory engineer for Cia Bras de Juta and remained with them till the company closed in 1969. Sometime after this he went to work in Taubaté so little has been seen of him in the past few years which is a pity for Bill was one of the Society’s prize vocalists, through whose singing many Brazilian friends came to know and appreciate the beauty of some of our native ballads.

Bill was elected Vice-President in 1965, moved up to become our thirty-sixth President the following year and served as an ex-oficio Committee member in 1967. A keen Freemason, he is a Past Master of the Centenary Lodge.

No longer a gay Lothario, Bill joined the ranks of the Benedicts and, until just recently, he and his wife lived in São José dos Campos.

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