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A Century of Tradition

Services provided to members

The St. Andrew Society of São Paulo is renowned for its exceptional event offerings, encompassing cherished traditions such as the Caledonian Ball and festive celebrations like Robert Burns Night and the Munro Cup, along with other golfing events. These gatherings are eagerly anticipated by both our society members and the broader community, serving as occasions to forge connections, partake in jubilant festivities, and lend support to significant charitable causes.

The Caledonian Ball, a crown jewel in our event calendar, stands as a pinnacle of refinement and tradition. Members convene at this grand soirée to raise funds for charitable endeavors, enveloped in an aura of elegance and sophistication. The evening features splendid gala dinners, captivating charity auctions, live entertainment, and a plethora of memorable moments.

Simultaneously, our family-friendly Robert Burns Night and the Munro Cup, along with other golfing events, provide thrilling experiences for our members. At the Robert Burns Night gathering, participants immerse themselves in the poetry, music, and culture of Scotland's national bard, Robert Burns. The Munro Cup and other golfing events offer golf enthusiasts an opportunity to showcase their skills on the green while fostering camaraderie.

To ensure inclusivity, these events are open to the public through ticket purchases available on our website. Our flexible ticketing system allows each customer to buy with confidence, backed by the option, as per Decree 7962 of March 15, 2013, to request a full refund within the first 36 hours of purchase. Tickets are electronically dispatched to the buyer, providing immediate access.

As a special perk, members of the St. Andrew Society of São Paulo will enjoy exclusive discounts on these events, as well as a host of other seasonal celebrations and gatherings that grace our social calendar throughout the year.

SAS Events

The St. Andrew Society of São Paulo extends a warm welcome to all members, where the sense of community and camaraderie is cherished throughout the year. Our diverse range of events includes cherished traditions like Burns Night, the Caledonian Ball, and the Munro Cup, among many others. Membership with us brings an array of immediate benefits as our subscribers gain instant access to these exclusive gatherings and cultural celebrations. These events are designed to evoke the spirit of Scottish heritage and promote the bonds of friendship among our members, making every occasion truly special. Additionally, our members enjoy the privilege of participating in private social media groups where they can connect, share, and engage in discussions with fellow St. Andrew Society enthusiasts. Embracing both tradition and modernity, our annual subscription service offers a rich tapestry of experiences for our cherished members.

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