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Um século de Tradição

Jim McLean


Born in the City of European Culture in 1945, Jim was educated at Glasgow High School, going on to study physics at Glasgow University, graduating in 1967. He then joined J&P Coates - Coats Patons - Coats Viyella, known as Linhas Corrente to all of us in São Paulo. Linhas has always had a strong tradition with the Society and when Jim was posted out here in 1968 as a Trainee, his training was not just with the company, but also for great things with the Society more than twenty years later. He worked in Austria briefly, in Colombia for 4 years and the UK for 16 years, before Brazil.

Jim returned to São Paulo as Financial Director of Linhas in 1990 and is the first one to admit to being “hijacked” by the then President, Barry Wolfe. In 1991/1992 Jim was Treasurer and Vice President and from the first made a great impact on the Society. The one thing about Jim was that everyone seemed to know him, and it was impossible to introduce anyone to him - he had always met them first. He became President in 1993 but, unfortunately for us, was given a career move back to Blighty. He says he thoroughly enjoyed his three-year association with the Society and all who knew him then greatly appreciated all his efforts. “Ask Jim”, seemed to be the rule of the day.

During Jim and Barry`s time, they and their committees, with a special mention of Linda Munro, revitalised the Burns Night, Ladies Night and Munro Cup, all of which had become lesser events due to economic problems and dwindling numbers of ex-patriots.

The Munro Cup in 1993 was widened to include teams from all English-speaking groups, which made this event a true meeting of the ways, something which Norman Munro who donated the cup, had wanted.

A regular series of Ceilidhs were introduced - evenings which, by their very casual and welcoming atmosphere, appealed to many different people and summed up Jim’s always welcoming approach to his “flock”

Before this time, it was decided to abandon the long but dated tradition of the Stag Night. With lady members and the Society changing, it was felt that St. Andrews Day should be open to all members - always a touchy subject in these days of equality! Jim notes that his wife, Barbara, was a tremendous support and `backroom` worker for any Society events as well as rapidly acquiring a reputation as the `Scottish Dragon` at St Paul`s School!

Jim, now retired, and Barbara have a daughter, Christine and a son, Jimmy

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