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Um século de Tradição

Malcolm Macdonald


Malcolm Macdonald born 16th December 1971 is an individual with an intresting background and a strong sense of heritage. Malcolm was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to his parents, Andrew and Felicity Macdonald. His father, Andrew, received an OBE for his services to the British community. When Malcolm became President of the St. Andrew's Society, he held the role with particular pride, especially as his term began shortly after his father's passing.

Malcolm cherishes his Scottish roots and heritage, often seen wearing the Macdonald clan's colors at events such as ceilidhs and Caledonian balls, many of which he helped organize starting in 2019. He attributes this strong connection to Scotland to the "one Scottish drop of blood" that, as his father used to say, annuls all the rest.

Malcolm initially studied hotel management but discovered a preference for being a hotel guest rather than an employee. This led him to a career in industrial engineering consultancy, taking him to various places around the world. Ultimately, he settled happily in Campinas, Brazil, with his wife, Raquel. They were blessed with a son, Martin, which added depth to their family life. Raquel also proudly wears the Macdonald colors at Society events, a fact that makes Malcolm exceedingly proud.

Since the family returned to Brasil Malcolm served as a director of a family-owned paper mill and its ancillary plants. Beyond his professional life, he has played key roles in community organizations. Malcolm began his community involvement with the Campinas Expat community and transitioned to the American Society of São Paulo, where he rose to the position of Vice President. In 2020, amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, he transitioned to the St. Andrew's Society, embracing the opportunity to celebrate his Scottish heritage and foster connections within this organization.

Malcolm's journey is hopefully a testament to his dedication to preserving his heritage and engaging in meaningful community involvement. His story reflects the importance of embracing one's cultural identity while building connections across different communities.

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